Common Ground

by Gillie Mc Pherson

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released September 28, 2002

Gillie McPherson : Vocals, guitar
Paul Habourdan ; Fiddle
Patrick Chanal : Bouzouki
Bernard Dépit : Mandolin, accordion (2, 4, 6, 10, 11)
Etienne Roche : Double Bass 9, 10
Thierry Pigot : Bodhrân
Karim Bensala : Percussions (2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10)
Recorded by Pascal Cacouault.



all rights reserved


Gillie Mc Pherson France

Gillie Mc Pherson has been singing for over 40 years.
Born in Belfast, she was influenced by Blues and Irish Traditional music. She organized folk sessions in Belfast. She then left for London in the 70's where she played Rock, Folk and Jazz. She also presented a serie on BBC channel called "Gillie".
She then moved to France to build a Rock and Blues band, and a traditional folk band.
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Track Name: What would you do
What would you do if you married a soldier?

What would I do but I’d follow the gun?

What would you do if he died in the ocean?

What would I do but I’d marry again?

Far da - do ……. da - diddle di - day
Far da - do ……. da - diddle di- day
Da - diddle di- day…… da - diddle di – day
Far en da- do ……da diddle di day

What would you do if the kettle boiled over?

What would I do but I’d fill it again?

What would you do if the cow ate the clover?

What would I do but I’d set it again?

Far da - do etc……..

The taties are boilin' the herrin' are roastin'

Katy roll over close to the wall.

The taties are boiling the herrin' are roasting

Katy roll over close to the wall.
Track Name: I once loved a lass
I once love a lass. (Trad.)

I once loved a lass and I loved her so well
I hated all others who spoke of her ill.
Now she's rewarded me well for my love
She's gone to be wed to another.

When I saw my love to the church go
With bride and bride maidens they made a fine show
And I followed on with a heart full of woe
For she's gone to be wed to another.

When I saw my love sit down to dine
I sat down beside her and poured out the wine
I drank to lass who would never be mine
For she's gone to be wed to another.

The men in yon forest they ask it of me
"How many strawberries grow in the salt sea?"
I ask it them back with a tear in my eye,
"How many ships sail in the forest."

Oh dig me a grave and dig it so deep
And cover it over with flowers so sweet
And I will turn in for to take a long sleep
And maybe in time I'll forget her.

So they dug him a grave and they dug it so deep
They covered it over with flowers so……………… sweet.
He has turned in to take that long sleep
Maybe by this time he's forgotten her.
Track Name: Never Safe
Never safe. Words and music by Gillie McPherson

We've barricaded our street and we have locked ourselves well in.
There's anger in the air, you hear them rattling the bins.
The rebels they are out there, looking for their foe.
It doesn't matter where you are, you're never safe at home.

Never safe ,
Never safe,
Never safe, you’re never safe at home

There's panic in our street and the cops are overhead.
We pushed the fridge against the door and then our double bed.
A rebel’s soul is not his own when he's lashing at your door
And a rifle only serves to spill blood upon the floor.

Upon the floor,
Upon the floor,
Upon the floor, blood upon the floor.

There's trouble up the “Falls” and down the “Sandy Row.”
Each one has their point of view, solutions high and low.
It's all in the education and the culture is to blame.
Wherever we make war we’ll never see a change.
Track Name: Jackson and Jane
Jackson and Jane. (Trad Irish )

Come Monaghan sportsman attention draw near
To a few simple verses you quickly shall hear
Of the deeds of a hero you've heard people say
And they call him Hugh Jackson from Creeve , Ballybay.

His mill kilns and bairns they cut a fine show,
And his cloth to the North and the city does go.
For the bleaching and folding he exceeds them all,
And his cloth first approved of at the Linen Hall.

Now more of these verses I'm going to sing.
If you listen awhile you will hear about Jane.
You may travel all Ireland from Derry to Clare,
But you'll not find an equal to Jackson's grey mare.

He went into the stable to saddle up Jane,
Says arise my wee lass sure you must go again.
For twice you have won it and may do it still,
And they rode it in splendour round the plains of Cootehill.

The jockeys were mounted and all in a row,
If you happened to be there when away they did go
The bets were a making ten guineas to four
That the cup back to Creeve would ne'er come anymore
When Jane she heard this sure her mettle did rise.
O'er hedges and ditches like lighting she flies,
And with a loud neigher these words seemed to say
All you Monaghan sportsmen, I'll show you the way.

As Jane and her jockey sped on round the course,
Sure Jane and her jockey, they seemed to discourse,
Says Jane to her jockey, "Kind Sir let me know,
Where are my opposers or are they in view?".

He turned in his saddle and cast an eye round,
Said "I see by squire Corry than Adams is down,
And Dorman's black charger, his jockey has threw.
The rest of your opposers they are not in view".

When Jane she heard this, she jogged in at her ease
To the scale where the balance and saddle are weighed.
And the vales they resounded for Jackson and Jane.
And the cup comes with honours to Creeve back again.
Track Name: The Maid of Culmore
The maid of Culmore.

Leaving sweet lovely Derry bound for fair London town.
There is no finer harbour on earth can be found,
Where the youngsters each evening go by the sea shore
And the joy bells they are ringing for the maid of Culmore.

Oh the first time I saw me love she passed me by,
And the next time I saw her she bade me goodbye.
And the last time I saw her she grieved my heart sore,
As she sailed down Lough Foyle and away past Culmore.

Oh if I had the power the storms to rise
The winds to blow high and to darken the skies
The winds to blow high and the salt seas to roar
On the day that my darlin' sailed away from Culmore.

To the ports of America my love I will seek
For it is there I know no-one and sure no-one knows me.
And if I don't find her I'll return home no more,
Like a pilgrim I will wander for the maid of Culmore.
Track Name: Equad'or
Equad'or Words and music by Gillie McPherson

Equad'or is so high, so close to God.
A wooden cross marks the peak of Nambeja.
People go in search of gold, so close to God.
In blood and sweat, in the death net of Equad'or.

They go panning for gold.
The young follow the old.
They work down to their bones.

Angeline in her dream wears rings of gold.
Men must toil through rock and soil for Angeline.
Pretty hands, a marriage band, that girl must have,
She's so far from the screams in Equad'or.
Track Name: The Lass Among the Heather
The lass among the heather Trad. Arrangement Gillie McPherson

As I was coming home from the fair at Ballymoney
I met a comely lass, she was fairer than Diana oh,
I asked her where she lived as we jogged along together
Up on the mountain side, she replied among the heather .

Lassie I'm in love with you , you have so many charms .
Lassie I'm in love with you, your bosom to me warms .
The bonny blink of your blue eye , your person is so clever
I'd fondly wed with you my wee lass among the heather .

Do not think young man said she that I be easy spoken to.
Now do not think young man said she that I be easy taken
I'm happy and I'm well with me father and me mother
It would take a bonny lad to wed me from the heather

Lassie condescend to me and do not be so cruel.
Lassie condescend to me give a kiss to me my jewel oh.
If I should give you one, you would surely want another oh
But take it and all you want she replied among the heather oh.

Mark you what came next , the lad he was so clever oh
He didn't quit the lass till he took her from the heather oh
And now this pair are wed and they live in peace and pleasure oh
Young Bessie minds the day she met her lad among the heather oh.
Track Name: My Sweetheart in the old country
My Sweetheart in the old Country.

Traditional song adapted and arranged by Gillie Mc Pherson

By Kilarnie’s fighting waters where love’s sigh it flows tenderly,
There dwells one of Erin’s daughters who is waiting to hear from me.
Yesterday I got a letter full of funny words you can see
Begging me to not forget her, my sweetheart in the old country.

Blow ye winds ye white sails bending, bare my message across the sea
‘T is a message I am sending my sweet heart in the old country.

Many tender words were spoken as we parted on the quay
When I asked her for a token; ”Take this poor broken heart”, said she.
“And if you can find one better, just return mine back to me,
And be sure address your letter; my sweetheart in the old country”.

Oh of pleasures I‘ve had many and of sorrows I’ve had my share.
But the thought of my wee lassie cheers and comforts me everywhere.
I will go and find a casket for the jewel so dear to me
And I know for whom I’ll ask it; my sweetheart in the old country.
Track Name: Sovay
Sovay (Trad)

Sovay; sovay all on a day, she dressed herself in mans array
With a sword and pistol all by her side
To meet her true love, to meet her true love away did ride.

As she was riding over the plain, she met her true love and bid him stand
"Your gold and silver kind sir", she said,
"Or else this moment, or else this moment your life I'll have".

And when she'd robbed him of all his gold, she said "Kind sir there is one thing more.
A golden ring which I know you have.
Deliver it, deliver it , your sweet life to save."

"That golden ring a token is , my life I'll lose the ring I'll save".
Being tender hearted just like a dove,
She rode away, she rode away from her own true love.

Next morning in the garden green, like true lovers they were seen
When he spied his watch hanging from her clothes
It made him blush, it made him blush just like any rose.

"Why do you blush at so silly a thing, I thought to have your golden ring.
It was I who robbed you all on the plain.
So here's your watch, here's your watch and your gold again.

I did intend and it was to know if that you were my true love or no.
Aye and now I have a contented mind,
My heart and gold , my heart and gold my sweet dear are thine".